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Scandal: Trial of Italian economist and sociolog Benedikter in the KCK Case

Bolzano/Bozen, May 3, 2013

Thomas Benedikter. Thomas Benedikter.

Diyarbakir Republic Prosecutorship prepared an indictment alleging that "There is PKK and KCK (Union of Communities in Kurdistan) propaganda" in the "Working Autonomies in Europe" written by Italian economist and social researcher Thomas Benedikter in spite of there isn't any words of PKK, Kurdish, KCK, Kurdistan even the word of Turkey.

The indictment was accepted by 9.th High Criminal Court of Diyarbakir which is responsible for Article 10.th of Anti-terrorism Law. Benedikter and his book will be tried in June.

The book written by Benedikter who graduated economics in Munich and political economics in Trento University and translated to Turkish as "Avrupa'nin Özerk Bölgeleri" by Aram Publication House is now subjected to a trial in the context of KCK case.

The book of Thomas Benedikter. The book of Thomas Benedikter.

Benedikter who make a research about European autonomies like Faroe Island, Greenland, Bask region in Spain, Scotland issue in Britain, Italian region of South Tirol that has a special statue, autonomous islands of Portugal, German Community in Belgium, Moldovan autonomous region of Gagauzia, Crimea Autonomous Republic and autonomy in Russian Federation and published it in a 97 pages book, was accused of making propaganda of PKK and KCK. In the indictment written by Semih Akgün who is Republic Prosecutor with special authority, these subjects which was not mentioned in the book occurred:

"1 - It is stated in page 9 of the book that the current aim of PKK/KCK is to protect the integrity of the state and region, the central legislative and executive powers are aimed to be shared between state and national minorities, but contrary to the current system of autonomy which is in force in Europe, it is understood that they aim to unify four parts of Kurdistan (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey),

2 - In page 10 of the book it is stated that PKK/KCK does not assume that autonomy is a holy solution continues forever and instead it must be assumed as fast and dynamic process and it is stated that they will definitely create their own state,

3 - In page 12 of the book it is stated that the current aim of PKK/KCK is to ensure unity of society and territorial unity and when the exact time comes they want to separate from society which they live together and live on their land by seizing powers and today the process occuring in our country is triggered by those persons who has the aim of creating a state.

4 - In page of 13 it is stated that the current aim of PKK/KCK is to establish the autonomy by respecting minorities, share the powers, using population and state power, ensuring territorial unity of the land but it is experessed in the book that more powers, self-government are claimed for autonomous region desired to be created in our country and also it is expressed that when the time comes they will separate from the central government".

It is claimed in the indictment that in 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 95, 96 and 97 PKK/KCK propaganda is made but it is attracted attention that there isn't names like PKK, KCK, Kurdish and Kurdistan in the book. It was stated in the indictment that " The general aim of this translation is the political representation of PKK/KCK and legislative and executive powers, the types of regional citizenship, language policy, controlling economic resources of the region which all will be done by Kurdish political movement and for this reason it was understood that the translation is about the democratic autonomy and the PKK/KCK adopts this autonomy model" and a lawsuit filed against Thomas Benedikter and Aram Publication House.

This indictment was accepted by 9th. High Criminal Court of Diyarbakir and Thomas Benedikter and Gökhan Bulut will appear before court in June 3rd.