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Fast for Peace, Time for Peace and Justice
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Bozen/Bolzano, 22.3.2002

The Fast for Peace will begin on March 25 in the olive terraces just south of Tantur on the Hebron Road, to the west of the Bethlehem checkpoint.  We have gotten agreement from the army to use this area.  They understand  that the location is important because it is accessible to both Israelis and Palestinians from the Bethlehem area who cannot get permits to enter Jerusalem; They also know that we will be holding an ongoing, non-violent demonstration.

First of all, in case you haven't seen it, our announcement is below; If you have seen it recently, then just skip on to the specific information about the demonstration, its events and a short list of organizers. Also, if you're REALLY interested, attached are:

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the Fast for Peace.

Tsom l'maan Ha-Shalom - Siam min ajil Al-Salam

This is a call to those who advocate peace in the Middle East ­ Palestinians, Israelis, Christians, Muslims and Jews, people all over the world ­ to support a Fast for Peace, which will begin on March 25 and continue until the goal is reached:

We call upon our governments to implement the Mitchell Plan:

We believe that until this conflict is resolved none of us are free. The Fast for Peace is our method of demonstrating our desire to change direction, to return to the promise of peace and bring a speedy end to our suffering.

Together we will launch the Fast for Peace at the Bethlehem checkpoint on March 25. We ask you to join us because:

We must be the change we wish to see. (M.K. Gandhi)

Let our message be clear: We are starving for peace.

Phone: 972-64­486­325 - Email: -

General Information
The Fast for Peace is not meant to compete with any existing peace efforts. We are happy to see the recent proliferation of activities, as these are the voices of peace which we hope will continue to grow until the melody echoes throughout the world. We hope that we can amplify this melody with our:

If you know of people abroad who are interested in demonstrating solidarity, Yael Martin of Promoting Enduring Peace in Woodmont, Connecticut, is coordinating solidarity Fasts for Peace in the USA.  Thus far four are scheduled for March 25. Her email is:

Some events:

If you have any ideas of other events - music, art, discussion groups -  please let us know.  If you can help with organization and support, we will be most grateful. And please, pass this along ­ tell others about Fast for Peace.

Israelis can arrive through Tantur (entrance on the Gilo Road, just west of the intersection with the Hebron Road). Palestinians access is from the path just west of the taxi stand.

The Fast for Peace has been shaped by Prof. Sami Adwan of Bethlehem University; Father Raed Abusahlia, Chancellor of the Latin Patriarchate, Jerusalem and Linda Livni, a writer from Jerusalem.

Other originators of the movement are: Prof. Dan Bar-On, Ben-Gurion University; Dr. Philip Veerman, Defense for Children ­ Israel; Sami Taha, Palestinian Businessman, and Prof. Avraham Sela of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Thank you very much for your interest. I look forward to hearing from you  and seeing you at the Fast for Peace.

Linda Livni

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